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The Ultimate Rainforest Experience

The Forest Flying eco-tourism experience is set up to allow you to view the rainforest of Finch Hatton Gorge from a unique angle. Using the Flying Fox – an overhead cable and pulley system up to 25 metres above ground – you will be travelling 350 metres through the rainforest canopy.

Forest Flying takes you into the tree tops for an educational and interesting, up close view of the pristine rainforest of Finch Hatton Gorge.

Your personal harness/pulley glides along the cable for a serene and educational outing all with minimal disruption to the habitat. You have total control of the speed at which you travel along the cable.

Forest Flying Tour

The Forest Flying Tour is a 1 to 2 hour guided session that includes: Introduction to Forest Flying (essential safety points and practice cable), guided forest walk with informative talk on rainforest plants and bush tucker, and a ride on the flying fox through the rainforest canopy.

Tours are guided.  Please inform the instructor of any illness/disability that may affect your ability to take part.


Tour Times

Daily, weather permitting, at the following times:         9am          10:30am          1pm         






Who Can Take Part

Minimum weight 18 kilograms.  Maximum weight 120 kilograms.  No age restrictions.  No special fitness required. 

If you can do an average bush walk you can do Forest Flying.


  What to Bring

   Wear what you would for a bushwalk (eg shorts, t-shirt and closed in shoes, hat).

   You are welcome to bring a camera.  You may also like to bring a water bottle.

   All possessions eg. cameras, hats, water bottles, eye wear are to be safely secured, we can help with this when you are here.

   Long hair must be tied back.


   The Forest Flying Tour costs: $60 includes $15 entry fee per person. Non Flyers $15 entry fee. EFTPOS available.

   $2 per person charge for payments by credit card.

   Forest Flying Merchandise is available  for purchase e.g. T-shirts and stubby coolers.

   Reserve your place by e-mailing Forest Flying or phone (07) 49583359 or use the on-line form on our contact page.

What makes Forest Flying unique?

On most bush walks, you find yourself watching your footing more than the wildlife and only get to see the forest from the ground. In Forest Flying, you will be suspended in a harness from a cable strung among the tree tops of the rainforest canopy. Using your own power and gravity, you can wheel yourself along the cable literally within inches of the foliage and get a whole new perspective on this endangered habitat.

Come to Finch Hatton Gorge

Finch Hatton Gorge is a beautiful rainforest environment. Located only 70 km inland from Mackay and the Queensland Coast there are lovely bush walks, gorgeous waterfalls, pristine mountain streams, and a stunning natural environment. Find out more  For things to do in Finch Hatton Gorge and for directions.

There are a number of small Queensland towns nearby with tea rooms, galleries, and hotels. In the Finch Hatton Gorge area there are a number of cabins and a bush camp where you can stay while you explore the area. Find out more on accommodation in the area.

New Cafe! Plus new River Rock Café! - Open from 10am til 5pm six days a week (closed Mondays). This is the ideal place for lunch or afternoon tea whilst visiting the Gorge. Call (07) 4958 3281 or visit the FinchHattonGorgeCabins.com.au website for more information.

Rainforest Habitats

Rainforest makes up less than 1% of Australia’s land area, but is home to nearly half of Australia’s bird and plant species, as well as 2/3 of fern, bat and butterfly species. Sometimes described as the Earth’s lungs, rainforests are essential to producing oxygen and consuming greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. The unique plants of the rainforest produce many of the world’s medicines, and harbour many species that can survive in no other climate. For example, the Finch Hatton Gorge and Eungella National Park are home to at least six life forms found nowhere else on Earth, including the Eungella Gastric Brooding Frog, which incubates its eggs in its stomach and gives birth by spitting out the tadpoles.

Rainforests are disappearing across the planet. Forest Flying gives you an opportunity to learn more about the importance of this fragile habitat, and see endangered flora and fauna, without trampling this valued resource in the process.

Contact us

Forest Flying is owned by Dave and Donna Lowe. Find out more about us and our property, or contact us directly to make a booking.

Call: (07) 4958 3359

email: info@forestflying.com